In response to Horizon 2020 call for topic: ICT-02-2014 Smart System Integration

The main objective of TIPS is the development of thermal management strategies for photonics over multiple dimension scales (micro-scale TEC, fluidic and pump to millimetre scale heat spreader, exchanger and heat sink). These strategies will facilitate future high-bandwidth optical communication, which will be energy-efficient, scalable, reliable, and capable of monolithic 3D integration. The proposed TIPS concept will involve the integration of photonics and optoelectronic designs with thermal management solutions to remove high heat fluxes (~1 kW/cm2spreader and on the other hand realisable and high efficiency micro thermoelectric cooler (μTEC) and microfluidic (μFluidic) components. This multi-disciplinary project proposal provides considerable scope for innovation because it addresses the lack of energy-efficient and integrated thermal management solutions for photonic devices which is a major impediment to the development of photonic communications for the foreseeable future.

Kafil Razeeb (l) and Cian O’Murchu of Tyndall National Institute.