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Tyndall National Insitute

Tyndall National Institute is one of Europe's leading research centres in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research and development and the largest research facility of its type in Ireland. It's four core research areas are Photonics, Microsystems, Micro/Nanoelectronics and Theory Modelling & Design.


Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France

CNRS: The French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) is a government-funded research organization, under the administrative authority of France's Ministry of Research. CNRS has around 25500 employees in 1100 research and service units spread throughout the country and covers all fields of research. Interdisciplinary programs and actions offer a gateway into new domains of scientific investigation and enable CNRS to address the needs of society and industry. Three of its research units are involved in the TIPS project:

INL - CNRS, UMR 5270

The INL Laboratory (Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology, is research unit of 130 permanent employees based in Lyon, common to Ecole Centrale de Lyon (ECL), INSA, UCBL and CPE. Its research concerns micro/nano-technology and systems in multidisciplinary fields such as electronics, photonics, optoelectronics, nanobiotechnolgy, energy, healthcare,... In particular, INL hosts the NanoLyon technological platforms with new clean rooms and has strong expertise on monolithic integration of functional oxides or III-V devices on Si. INL researchers, mainly from the "Heteroepitaxy & Nanostructures" team, are involved in TIPS for the elaboration and characterizations of alternative thermoelectric materials based on nanostructured oxides.

ILM - CNRS, UMR 5306

The ILM Laboratory (Institute of Light and Matter, is a research unit of about 300 permanent employees based at the university of Lyon 1 (UCBL). The institute is a multidisciplinary cluster grounded on the synergy between physics and chemistry, and their interfaces. ILM researchers, mainly from the "(Nano)Materials for Energy" team, are involved in TIPS for thermoelectric characterizations and electrical characterizations at low temperatures.

IMN - CNRS, UMR 6502

The IMN (Materials Institute Jean Rouxel, is a multidisciplinary research Institute of about 130 permanent employees based at Nantes. The IMN-CNRS is composed by 5 research teams and a center of micro-characterization (CMC). IMN researchers, mainly from the "Thin films, physical-chemical and thermal characterizations" team, are involved in TIPS for AlN films integration and thermal measurements.



Communicraft provide consultancy, design and web development services for the digital world.

Designers and Developers of high end web applications and adaptive mobile web apps, as well as high end responsive websites, Communicraft provide services spanning strategy through production to management of digital infrastructures. Communicraft plan, build and maintain online communication platforms, cloud applications, web sites, web applications, mobile apps, m-commerce and e-commerce systems.

Communicraft will produce and manage all aspects of digital media for the TIPS project - including websites and social media, as well as providing online collaboration web applications to facilitate digitally based collaboration among the partners. Communicraft will also take the lead on dissemination activities for the project.

Nokia Bell Labs Ireland

Bell Labs is the research arm of Nokia – a global supplier of telecommunications hardware and services. Bell Labs has a strong history in scientific impact with 7 Nobel prizes in physics and proven market impact by translating scientific research into world leading products. Established in 2004, Bell Labs Ireland is part of the global Bell Labs organization and employs 56 people across four research domains. The largest of these research domains is the Thermal Management Research Group which leads Alcatel-Lucent’s long-term research strategy in the areas of electronics and photonics cooling ranging from the nano scale (photonics devices and hierarchical nano structured surfaces) to the macro system level scale (shelf and rack level cooling).


Nokia Bell Labs France

Nokia is the leading IP networking, ultra-broadband access, and cloud technology specialist. Its mission is to invent and deliver trusted networks of today and tomorrow. Its research arm, Bell Labs, is focused on the biggest technical challenges in the telecommunications industry, solving complex problems with disruptive and innovative solutions aiming to expand the capabilities of communication networks – optical, wireless, broadband access, cloud - making them faster, smarter, more secure and more energy efficient. In France, Bell Labs are located in the innovation city Villarceaux in Nozay near Paris.

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IFW Dresden

The Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW) is a non-university research institute and a member of the Leibniz Association (Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz). Its research focus lies on modern materials science whereby explorative research in physics, chemistry and materials science are combined with technological development of new materials and products. The budget is supplied by the Federal German government and the government of the Free State of Saxony in equal parts. The IFW has excellent facilities for the preparation and characterisation of new materials including thin film and nanostructure deposition by several physical and (electro)chemical methods, analytical and structural characterisation (e.g. ICP-OES, SEM/TEM/FIB, XRD, RHEED etc.), magnetic characterisation including low-temperature measurements, transport measurements. In connection with K. Nielsch’s appointment as the Director of the Institute for Metallic Materials new labs for thermoelelectric characterisation and microstructuring/lithography are established.


Alcatel Thales III-V Lab, a private R&D organisation jointly established by Alcatel-Lucent and Thales on 1st July 2004, under the French “Economic Interest Group” (GIE) status, concentrates in a single entity the most advanced industrial research skills in the field of III-V semiconductors in Europe. Its staff amounts to approximately 100 people, and includes highly qualified recognised experts. The mission of Alcatel Thales III-V Lab is to perform research and development on III-V semiconductor components, from basic research to development, taking advantage of the commonalities between the technologies developed for different markets addressed by Thales and Alcatel-Lucent, such as telecom, space, defence and security.

Lionix BV

LioniX is a leading provider in co-development of products and manufacturing of components based on cutting-edge micro/nano technology for its (OEM) customers. The main focus markets include Life Sciences, Telecom, Datacom, Industrial Process Control and Space. LioniX provides design to manufacturing and ‘horizontal integration’ by partnering with foundries, suppliers of complementary technologies and R&D institutes. The company specializes in applications of integrated optics, microfluidics andoptofluidics including surface functionalization. LioniX offers small volume manufacturing, second sourcing as well as transfer to medium and high volume manufacturing.

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Stokes Laboratories

Stokes Laboratories – a research organisation dedicated to education and innovation in fluid dynamics.

·Our core sciences are related to all aspects of fluids – microfluidics, multiphase flows, heat & mass transport, phase change phenomena, aerodynamics, and biofluidics – and in associated materials topics, specifically fluid-surface interactions.

·We focus on a range of application areas – biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and biopharma, manufacturing processes, aeronautics and aerospace, electronics / photonics packaging, and energy generation / storage.

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Stokes has been in operation for over two decades, active in National and European Union research programmes, with an extensive portfolio of partners in industry and academia. It has deep foundations in scholarship and education, and a strong trackrecord in the commercialisation of research through licensing of IP and through the creation of spin-out enterprises.